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Using Your Skills to Land Your Next Job

I read with interest an article in today’s (3/22/21) Wall Street Journal entitled “How to Tout Job Skills That Transfer” in the Careers and Leadership/Personal Journal Section. The author, Kathryn Dill, highlights the need for workers in industries negatively impacted by the pandemic as well as those feeling stagnant or underemployed in their current industry to pivot to new industries by touting job skills that are transferable.

I agree that many job skills ARE transferable and we need to take the time to be honest and introspective about those we possess and how they can contribute to our success in another industry. I advise my clients, whether they’re looking for a new job or switching careers, to really focus on those skills that come naturally to them - as those are the most consistent and powerful skills in their toolbox and they should be the “predominant” skills they use to be successful at their next job.

We all have many skills and talents – some we are born with and come more naturally to us and others we learn in a formal educational setting, on-the-job, from a mentor, or even while doing volunteer work.

Are you aware of your inherent or most natural skills/talents? They are the ones you do almost effortlessly, you can “lose yourself” while doing, and are noticeable to others. These are the skills or natural talents you can “take to the bank” in more ways than one!

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