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Reflecting on Job Satisfaction During the Pandemic

If you are anything like Braden Bonner of Philadelphia, PA, and you probably are, you had a bit of time

during our Covid-19 lockdown(s) to reflect upon your job, question if it is still a good fit, and think about

if you want your future to take a different trajectory by making a change.

The Wall Street Journal has a regular feature called REBOOT/Career Reinvention and Monday’s (June 28, 2021) edition featured Braden’s story of moving from a Director of Technology and Information Systems at a private Philadelphia high school to a system’s engineering position at a very large (77,000

employees) corporation where digital collaboration is the norm.

coupled with a rebounding economy is the catalyst for many to look for new opportunities with a new

reasons given by respondent’s center around: 1. Career Advancement; 2. Better Benefits; 3. Better

Company Culture; 4. Being able to Work Remotely; and, 5. Better Work-life Balance. May I suggest a 6th motivator that I hear from my clients? Finding a career where they will work most often in the realm

of their natural talents/strengths? I have research that shows that when you can work at least 60% of

your work time in the realm of your natural talents, you are most productive with less stress and sustain

high levels of performance for longer time periods, AND are happier!

As a Career Counselor working with mid-career changers, I have enjoyed reading each of these real-life

stories. No two are alike and all are extremely inspiring and encouraging!

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