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Career Assessment


​We incorporate a premier assessment that has been in use nationally for almost 30 years. The tool will save us hours of exploratory time and will help us identify your primary interests and values as well as your natural or inherent talents. The aptitudes are crossmatched against 90,000 potential career options.

If the assessment is appropriate for you, you will take it, Dr. Muecke will thoroughly interpret it and you will then decide on the top career areas you are interested in investigating and pursuing – with her help and expertise.

If you're interested in learning more, please contact us with the form below.


As a sophomore in college, I had not yet committed to a clear academic and career path. Dr. Muecke helped me discover my innate natural talents/strengths. She encouraged me to not only better myself but to also more thoroughly understand potential careers that align with my natural talents, my interests, and are a good fit with my values. After working with her I now have a better understanding of what is possible for me and how to reach these initial career goals 


Although Dr. Muecke is a career counselor, she is very much like a friend. She was easy to talk to and gave feedback in a very supportive, kind, and motivational manner. She made it easy to share my opinions and be open to all options.


Over the past several months, Dr. Muecke has helped me become more invested in my future and I can see myself very clearly and realistically moving forward.

College Sophomore to Junior


Book a 60-minute complimentary consultation (face-to-face or video conferencing)

While Dr. Muecke’s office is located in the Des Moines metro area, she works with clients from all over the country and even internationally. One-on-one sessions are primarily virtual at this time. Dr. Muecke prefers to meet with clients face-to-face when safety permits.

Tel: 515-991-2687
P.O. Box 8185
Des Moines, IA 50301

Thank you for reaching out. We will contact you soon!

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