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The AXIOS Career Counseling Philosophy

Joy and fulfillment are byproducts of who we are and what we do with all our being. The first step toward finding satisfaction is to understand who you are right now, and how the totality of yourself – natural talents, learned skills, passions, interests, experience and values – can be best expressed in the world of work. Acknowledge these attributes and discover what outlets exist that will be the best fit for YOU at this time.


Take time to assess, affirm, dream, and act to fulfill that dream. I offer to guide you through this sometimes overwhelming, but ultimately rejuvenating experience. With my skills and expertise, I can lend objectivity, relevance, and direction to your search. I can help you discover or rediscover what motivates and inspires you and guide you in finding or creating environments which will marry all aspects of yourself for a satisfying, productive work and life.


AXIOS. You are worthy. You are ready.

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