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Unlock Your Career Potential


AXIOS (pronounced äk′sē·ôs′, greek: ἄξιος) means "worthy of." I believe that you are worthy of the time and effort necessary to realize your full potential at work.​


All of us have the potential to be more satisfied at work by understanding and using talents we have been gifted with, supplemented by skills and knowledge we have and continue to learn, and marrying those with what inspires and motivates us, our temperament, and the values that we hold dear.


AXIOS. You are worthy. You are ready.


I first met Nancy as a mid-career professional, dissatisfied with my current work position and nagged by a constant feeling of wasted talents. After our first conversation, I found myself excited by the opportunity to journey on a path of self-discovery with Nancy as my guide.


Through utilization of the Career Match System we were able to identify my innate abilities and interests and extrapolate them to fields that I, just days prior, would never have taken the time to explore, nor known existed. Armed with this information, Nancy listened to me as I talked through my thoughts, concerns, fears, and barriers until we finally found the path that was right for me.


As I make the final preparations for launching myself into my new career, I know I would not be here if not for her. I cannot recommend Nancy and her process highly enough.

Doctorate Degree in the Health Sciences


Book a 60-minute complimentary consultation (face-to-face or video conferencing)

While Dr. Muecke’s office is located in the Des Moines metro area, she works with clients from all over the country and even internationally. One-on-one sessions are primarily virtual at this time. Dr. Muecke prefers to meet with clients face-to-face when safety permits.

Tel: 515-991-2687
P.O. Box 8185
Des Moines, IA 50301

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